BKV-Bäder-und Kurverwaltung Baden-Württemberg

BKV Bäder- und Kurverwaltung Baden-Württemberg manages the real estate assets and property of the state of Baden-Württemberg in Baden-Baden; specifically, this refers to the thermal spas and the Kurhaus. BKV also holds 100% of the shares in the state spa Bad Wildbad, 25.1% of the shares in Badenweiler Thermen- und Touristik GmbH and 33% of the shares in Kurverwaltung Bad Mergentheim GmbH.

The rooms in Kurhaus Baden-Baden are hired directly through BKV. The services we offer you are based on smooth coordination and a wealth of experience gained in many years of cooperation with our partners. Use the creativity, flexibility and intuition of our Kurhaus team to make your event a success!

Publications (only available in German)

History & architecture

Kurhaus Baden-Baden has attracted day-trippers, spa and congress guests, revellers, gamblers and sociable locals since back in the 18th century.

The promenade house

The history of Baden-Baden's Kurhaus dates back to 1766, when it was built for the margrave and for spa guests.

The conversation house

Friedrich Weinbrenner designed and constructed the conversation house fronted by the striking columns which are still in existence today.

An illustrious era

New halls were added to extend the conversation house, offering a suitable setting for many international, illustrious guests.

Extension and world wars

Besides various extensions to the premises, the first half of the 20th century was a turbulent period for the Kurhaus.

Economic miracle

At long last, the Kurhaus was once again able to fulfil its original raison-d'être, which is to be the heart of the city,  attracting many notables and celebrities.

Full steam ahead

Following further modernisation, the Kurhaus started to accommodate increasing numbers of congress guests as well as social events.

The new Bénazetsaal

From January to August 2011, the Bénazetsaal was given a new, completely modernised appearance while preserving the historical setting.

The success story continues

Customers and guests are impressed with the new Bénazetsaal, bringing new attractive event highlights to the Kurhaus. At the same time, more refurbishment and construction work is in progress, with the current focus in 2014 on a new conservatory.