BKV-Bäder-und Kurverwaltung Baden-Württemberg

BKV Bäder- und Kurverwaltung Baden-Württemberg manages the real estate assets and property of the state of Baden-Württemberg in Baden-Baden; specifically, this refers to the thermal spas, the Kurhaus and the Kurhausgarage. BKV also holds 100% of the shares in the state spa Bad Wildbad and in the state bath Badenweiler GmbH and 33% of the shares in Kurverwaltung Bad Mergentheim GmbH.Since the takeover of Kurhausgastronomie in 2019, BKV has additionally held 100% of the shareholders' shares in KHR Gastronomie GmbH.

The rooms in Kurhaus Baden-Baden are hired directly through BKV. The services we offer you are based on smooth coordination and a wealth of experience gained in many years of cooperation with our partners. Use the creativity, flexibility and intuition of our Kurhaus team to make your event a success!

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Government run health resorts Baden-Württemberg

The four government run health resorts Baden-Baden, Badenweiler, Bad Mergentheim and Bad Wildbad are far more than tourist recreation destinations. Their architecturally significant facilities built a fascinating bridge between history and modernity. They offer beautiful sauna and bathing landscapes of well-being and relaxing. The impressive buildings are veritable treasures and the Land of Baden-Württemberg has committed itself to protecting und conserving.

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